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Safety Gate Selection Tips

Safety Gate Selection Tips

Why install a Safety Gate?

There are a variety of reasons to install safety gates, including: To prevent a fall down the stairs, to keep children from “off-limit” areas (e.g. kitchen or back hallway) and to define appropriate, safe play spaces (e.g. living or bedroom doorways)

What type of Safety Gate should I use?

At the top of stairs, use hardware mount (screwed-in hinge) often called swing gates.

At the bottom of stairs, use pressure mount walk-thru (U-shaped frame with swing panel) OR hardware mount (tools required for installation).

In doorways, between rooms or in hallways, use pressure mount security (easy-release latch or pop-in) OR pressure mount walk-thru (U-shaped frame with swing panel).

When should I buy a Safety Gate?

Try to install Safety Gates BEFORE your child becomes mobile; this helps prevent injuries and will also give you time to become accustomed to using them regularly.