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How to Choose the Proper Stroller for Your Child

How to Choose the Proper Stroller for Your Child

For a new parent, finding the right stroller can be daunting. Strollers range in style from basic four-wheel models to larger rides that offer a dazzling array of bells and whistles to parent and child alike.

Keeping the following things in mind will help you to choose the stroller that’s just right for you and your child.

How will you use the stroller?
If you live in an urban area where getting on and off public transportation is a challenge, or if you’ll have pull the stroller in and out of your car during trips around the suburbs:

  • Look for Lightweight! Umbrella Strollers are best for short trips and easy to take along in both the car and on public transportation. If you still want a Full Featured Stroller, be sure to check the weight in the store to make sure it’s not too heavy to handle.
  • Easy to Fold and Tuck Away. Check the fold on the stroller that you are considering. Find one that will fit in your vehicle, a bus, and tuck away easily in your home.

Do you want a full travel system?
A travel system makes getting around easier for the whole family. The base for the infant seat remains in the car, allowing you to move the infant seat onto a compatible stroller. It’s easiest to purchase a travel system sold as a set as it will already include a stroller and compatible infant car seat.

Parents who would rather design their own system should be sure to choose a stroller that will be compatible with their infant car seat.

How easy is the stroller to use?
Look for one that opens and closes smoothly. If it has a good recline, are you able to access the basket even when your child is laying back? You don’t want to wake a peacefully slumbering child to get at a blanket.

If tight corners are a problem where you live, check out the maneuverability of the stroller. Ask to push it around the store. Just as you would take a car out for a test drive, be sure to try out the stroller you are looking at to see how it feels to you before purchasing.

What else do you need the stroller to do?
Is it important to have a large basket underneath the stroller to hold a diaper bag and toys? Do you need cup holders? How about a place to hold your MP3 player?

Many strollers offer options like these and much more. Be sure to check out all the different bells and whistles being offered before deciding on a particular model. This will help you decide on the options that will fit your family best.