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How to Choose the Proper High Chair for Your Child

How to Choose the Proper High Chair for Your Child

High chairs are a great way to give your little one a place of their very own in the kitchen. They can also help you to keep your favorite chef’s helper close by while you’re cooking, but safely away from the dangers an active kitchen presents. There are many options high chairs offer, and it’s important to know what to look for when choosing one for your family.

A high chair that reclines and offers an infant insert can be used during the early stages of life when your baby is still bottle feeding. Later, as your little one starts to grow, place the back in the full upright position and they’ll be ready to start learning to eat own their own.

Height Adjustment
A high chair with several different height adjustments makes it easy to get the right fit for both your child and home through several stages. Early on, you can remove the tray and set the chair to the lowest position, making it easy for you to pull up a chair and help them during the bottle feeding stage. Later on, having several other heights to choose from allows you to set the chair at the right height for your kitchen table…or even a kitchen island.

Meal times are fun, but can also be mess generators. Choosing a high chair with a wipeable surface or machine washable pad helps make cleaning up after dinner is done much easier on you. Since the tray often takes the brunt of the mess, be sure to look for a chair that offers a removable tray that’s also dish-washer safe.

Be sure to choose a chair with a good harness system and other features that will help keep your child safely in the chair. The harness keeps them secure during meal times and can also help prevent a budding escape artist from wriggling free when they should be concentrating on the meal at hand.