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Essential Items for a Healthy Baby Nursery

Essential Items for a Healthy Baby Nursery

Keeping your baby happy and healthy is a top priority, but the large array of items to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help you out with our list of essential health items, from humidifiers to infant nasal aspirators and more, that every baby nursery should have handy.


Humidifier use is recommended year-round to maintain the optimal healthy environment in the nursery. It’s not just for cold and flu anymore. Adjust your humidifier seasonally to keep the humidity levels steady in a heated or air-conditioned environment. If your baby is congested, the mist output setting can be temporarily adjusted to ease your baby’s discomfort. We recommend the use of a cool mist humidifier in the nursery. Heated mist means hot water and parents are wise to avoid heated humidifiers anywhere near their young children. Within the cool mist family, ultrasonic models are great for the nursery as they operate quietly and efficiently.


TIP: Choosing a filterless model means there is no need for costly and inconvenient replacement filters. Just fill the tank with water, set onto base, and the humidifier is ready to start providing soothing mist.


Feeling the forehead may have worked for our grandparents, but nothing beats the accuracy of a digital thermometer. The recommended method for babies is a rectal reading, but there are a variety of options. Check out our full article to learn more about thermometers and get temperature taking tips.


TIP: Mercury thermometers are a thing of the past, but many homes still have them hidden away in a drawer or cabinet. Mercury is a hazard. The thermometer should be removed from the home and disposed of properly.


Nasal Aspirator
Congestion gets in the way of everyday activities such as feeding and sleeping. Help keep your baby feeling comfortable by keeping a nasal aspirator on hand.


TIP: Saline nose drops can also help to alleviate congestion when used in conjunction with an aspirator, but be sure to choose a version without added medicine unless you’ve checked with your pediatrician first.


Medicine Dispenser
Getting a proper dose when giving your baby necessary medicine can be challenging. Make life easier for both you and your baby with device that will help you easily confirm that you have the correct dosage. Using a pacifier medicine dispenser or bottle medicine dispenser allows you to give your baby a dose of medicine in a soothing way.


TIP: Dosages can vary depending on the type of medicine, strength of medication, and the age and weight of your child. Even if you have used a specific medicine in the past, be sure to confirm all information with your pediatrician first.


Oral Care
You may not think of oral care as necessary for a baby who hasn’t started teething, but good infant oral hygiene should begin even before any teeth have emerged. Early childhood caries – or tooth decay – is becoming more common and can lead to a greater risk of cavities later in permanent teeth. To help keep your baby’s gums healthy, be sure to invest in an oral care kit that will grow with them from gums to baby teeth.


TIP: Do not allow continuous access to milk, juice, formula or soda - neither in a bottle or a toddler cup. If a bedtime bottle is part of baby’s routine, it should only contain water.